About Us


We have always told our staff/children that what you do in life is for them.So what ever they do it’s their WHY? They have to be doing the do for them, but for so long I’ve been doing the do for someone else and working on their DREAM!


Having worked and lived away from home for nearly 2 years Mike was missing out on everything he had worked for and the SACRIFICE & REWARD ratio just wasn’t there!!

We have always thought about and looked for opportunities online but like many got our fingers burnt, they didn’t deliver or, the people I spoke to had no time for us as we were NEWBIEs!! and wouldn’t be earning them any money!





Mike has been in the Hospitality Industry for the past 20 years, mostly in the pub trade. Training new staff in new pubs and is probably my most favourite part of the job, seeing that young or old (don’t want to get done for ageism!! lol) person has come to you for training not knowing anything about the job, and after 2 weeks intensive training they can deal with the general public well, and be a credit to themselves and the company.

Also training future pub managers, and watch them flourish and run profitable and busy pubs.





Chris has worked in Construction and Project Management for over 10 years, however have worked in the industry for 20+ years since leaving school.

has gained some excellent experience and knowledge in project management and in particular construction processes and design of all manner of different types of buildings and projects.

Having excellent communication skills both verbally and literally, and with also the knowledge and experience to facilitate the delivery of projects to the necessary high standards required by demanding clients.

Being highly motivated with the ability to understand complex project briefs and pull together the necessary team to deliver the project within a number of client constraints, i.e. Time, budget and also to meet high standards of finish.

I have a passion for buildings and have always enjoyed looking at new and old architecture. My particular interest has been refurbishing existing dilapidated properties and giving them new purposes and uses where possible to help in sustainable construction.
So now this is for us.

Working away and living away from all the things we’d worked for was becoming a real problem, and effecting Mike’s health and relationships with people around him.

Finding a J.O.B (just over broke) and help someone else with their DREAM on the Isle of Thanet in Kent was not an option!!
Stumbling across Stuart Ross and to work alongside ethical people who help, coach and realise that the time they put in now will come back ten fold.